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CryptoPhysicist is my new Bitcoin and crypto casino review site, founded in August 2023. My interest in cryptos started in 2013, and I have been reviewing crypto casinos since 2015, full-time since 2018.

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I aim to create helpful, trusted, and transparent Bitcoin and crypto casino reviews. Read more about me and my story.

This site contains affiliate links. However, I will never compromise the independence of my reviews. Your trust is everything.

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The only slot game on Crypto.Games looks like this. It would need some TLC on graphics, but it works. And takes your money in the end.

10 Things you may want to know about my site

  1. I review Bitcoin and crypto casinos as my full-time job.
  2. I need some money to live. So, if you want to support me and my site, please use the affiliate links (always marked with an *). If you don’t want to, that’s okay too. Just go to the casinos by typing their name on Google.
  3. Everything you see here is written, designed, coded, reviewed, tested, evaluated, and searched by me, a real human.
  4. Even though I love new tech, no AI is used anywhere on this site. Not in content creation, not in background searches, or optimizing the website.
  5. All my reviews are 100% independent of any biases. No crypto casino can buy better reviews or better positions by offering better affiliate deals.
  6. There are no middlemen, no investors, no anonymous team, or no corporations in Caribbean islands. The only corporation is my company OctaneSEO OÜ, registered in Estonia (EU) and owned 100% by me.
  7. I will pay all required company and personal taxes to Estonia and Finland.
  8. No personal data is collected as I only use in tracking the visitor count and behavior.
  9. Even though I like and use some Google products (Mail, Sheets, Docs), no Google tracking products like Analytics or Tag Manager are used to track anything on this site.
  10. Everything is based in the EU (European Union). Me, my company, and all website servers.
  11. Still in 2023, Master of Orion I, Star Control 2, and Civilization I are still the absolute best PC games. If you disagree, please leave this site (joking).
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Some days are laser days.

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