About Me and This Website

Hi, my name is Jaakko, an ex-high school physics and mathematics teacher from Finland who got into Bitcoin and cryptos in 2013.

I bought my first Bitcoins in 2015 after following the scene for a few years. I also founded my first crypto casino review site in 2015. Creating websites and reviewing crypto casinos has been my full-time job since 2018. A few years after I decided to sell my review site to a friend in 2020.

Jaakko profile picture
This is me, Jaakko. I turned 40 this year and I live in Espoo, Finland.

After that, I took a long break from everything. I just needed to rest. Play PUBG. Exercise. Do a lot of other things I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time.

In 2023, I am back with my new website, CryptoPhysicist.

I love science and facts. The scientific way is also my method in reviewing crypto casinos as I have a strong science background. I research casinos for you – so you can make a better choice in deciding where to play next.

That is why I call myself your trusted crypto casino scientist – since 2015.

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The background of CryptoPhysicist

The internet is full of review websites and crypto casinos are no exception. The biggest problem in many review sites is trustworthiness. Almost always, the reviews sites earn affiliate income and it is hard to know if the reviews are independent and unbiased.

The temptation to recommend an inferior casino can be too big to resist, especially if the casino is offering you a great affiliate deal in return (trust me, I know this happens a lot).

However, my mission on CryptoPhysicist is to stay 100% independent. I will only recommend crypto casinos where I would play myself or would recommend to my friends.

I will test, analyze, and review all the casinos myself. Everything you see here is created and written by me. I don’t even use any designers (which you can probably tell), coders, content writers, or translators – it is just me.

It's me, Jaakko testing Bspin.io on my office in 2023.
Yes, it’s me, a real hunam looking at things. In this case my first review, Bspin.io.

My goal is to create the most trusted, helpful, and independent Bitcoin and crypto casino review site out there. If you feel the same way, I have succeeded in my job!

And hey, even though I love new tech a lot – No AI is used anywhere on this site.

I personally conduct all the research, write all the content, and test all the casinos. This means that you can rely on the fact that everything here is created by a human and not made by artificial intelligence. Though I cannot vouch for my personal intelligence, but that’s up to you to decide.

Text in image: Official badge of trust. Yes, I love tech but NO AI IS USED HERE (a humorous font and quote)

I believe AI is useful in many tasks, but AI cannot review crypto casinos or even search for information about crypto casinos yet. Moreover, the information crawled by AI would be probably from other affiliate sites and that would be a problem in my opinion.

The only language tool I use is to fix my grammar errors as English is not my first language.

About affiliate links

My site contains affiliate links. If you go to a crypto casino using the affiliate links, I may earn a commission.

All affiliate links are marked with an * or affiliate link text. You can always make the choice of going to the casino without using my affiliate link – but of course, all support for my site is much appreciated as this website is my full-time job starting from August 2023.

However, the affiliate commissions will never affect my reviews or casino ratings.

If I would recommend inferior casinos or write things that are not true, you probably would be disappointed at some point and never come back to my site. So there is no intention for me to recommend casinos I wouldn’t play in myself.

My aim in the long term is to create the most useful and trustworthy crypto casino review site out there. So I am not after quick short-term affiliate rewards and I am not for sale to the crypto casino owners.

Why you can trust me

In this chapter, I explain more about my mission in creating helpful, trusted, and transparent Bitcoin and crypto casino reviews.

Helpful, trusted, and transparent reviews

  1. I will test the casinos first-handily for many weeks or months. All reviews will have my test log in the end for you to know how the test procedure went. I will recommend only casinos that I would play myself or recommend to a friend.
  2. I will always check the casinos’ online reputation on Reddit, BitcoinTalk, and other forums, so you don’t have to trust only me in your gambling decision.
  3. All my reviews are 100% independent of any biases. No crypto casino can buy better reviews or better positions by offering better affiliate deals. By staying independent, I will ensure that you will (hopefully) trust me in the long run and come back to my site. I want you to trust that I am not for sale.
  4. I still need money for living and site costs, so this site has affiliate links. All affiliate links are marked clearly. And you can always make the choice of going to the casino without my link – but of course, all support for my site is much appreciated.

My expertise and history in crypto casinos

  1. My first encounter with Bitcoin was in 2013 and I bought my first Bitcoins in 2015 when the price was around 200 € / BTC. To be honest I needed some money and sold most of them away for around 400 € / BTC, which was probably the dumbest thing I have ever done. Still today, I am following the cryptocurrency scene daily and I am a long-term Bitcoin & Ethereum hodler.
  2. As a mathematical person, I started playing online poker around 2006 or 2007, which was great fun back then. Through poker, I also found online gambling and slots. Soon around 2015, I found out that you can gamble online using cryptocurrencies and there are provably fair games, which was very interesting.
  3. I founded my first crypto casino review site in 2015 and it was my full-time job from 2018 onwards. In 2020 I decided to sell the site to a friend as I wanted to focus on something else.
  4. I attained a Master’s Degree in Physics in 2011 from the University of Eastern Finland, with a minor in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Pedagogical Studies. I believe in using a scientific method to review everything, including crypto casinos. My goal is to thoroughly test, analyze, and review these casinos, making it easier for you to choose the right one.
Jaakko with Bitcoin style green laser eyes. Pixelated PNG.
This is me on green days.


  1. This website is only me. I have personally created the website, design, articles, and all the content you see here. So 100% of what you see is made by me. Here’s my personal website (mainly in Finnish though), my personal Twitter account, and my LinkedIn profile. I am a real person living in Espoo, Finland and my office is also situated in Espoo.
  2. No AI is used anywhere on this site. So you can trust that everything here is human-made and not artificial. I believe AI is useful in many tasks, but AI cannot review crypto casinos or even search for reliable information about crypto casinos yet.
  3. I also get all the possible affiliate income. There are no middlemen, no investors, no anonymous team, or no corporations in Caribbean islands. The only corporation is my company OctaneSEO OÜ registered in Estonia (EU) owned 100% by me. If you want to support me and my site – I am happy if you use my affiliate links. If not, that is also totally fine – I am be glad if I could help you with your gaming choice!
  4. I will pay all required company and personal taxes to Estonia and Finland. I feel that I want to pay back to the countries where I have grown up and lived. I also want to support the great public services, schools, roads, and healthcare in Estonia and Finland by paying taxes.
  5. I promise to read and react to your feedback. Please send me your thoughts, I promise to answer and make this website a better and more trusted one. I am here to serve you – so you can make a better choice in finding a suitable casino for you. This site may not be perfect now, but I work hard to make it better every day.

I respect your privacy

  1. I want to minimize data collection. No personal data is collected as I only use Plausible.io in tracking the visitor count and behavior. All data is in aggregate only (I cannot track individual people). I don’t track you across devices or across websites and apps. All data is isolated to a single day and there is no way for me to know whether you come back to a site on another day.
  2. Everything is based in the EU. Me, my company, and all website servers.
  3. Plausible doesn’t use cookies at all, so there is no need for the annoying cookie consent popup per EU privacy laws. The only cookies I use are mandatory functional cookies that WordPress has, and they cannot be turned off. Plausible uses only a random string of letters and numbers that is used to calculate unique visitors on this site, and that string is reset once per day. Read more about the privacy of Plausible here, and here is more technical info how Plausible can work without cookies.
  4. Your data is never sold to or shared with any third parties by me (or by Plausible).
  5. Even though I like and use some Google products (Mail, Sheets, Docs), no Google tracking products like Analytics or Tag Manager are used to track anything on this site. I have no intention of tracking or targeting you with ads when you least expect it. Your privacy is my priority.

Random facts about me

Here are some random, weird, or fun facts and images about me. Because why not?

  1. I was born in Ilomantsi, a small town in Eastern Finland with a population of 5000 (in 2023). Brown bears were somewhat familiar there, and a few of my friends have spotted them in their house backyard. I, on the other hand – never saw one in the nature.
  2. I have played drums in punk rock bands for almost 15 years, but not anymore though. I’m done with that shit since 2014. Go to Spotify and listen to this if you dare.
  3. I lived years in Tallinn, Estonia. I managed to learn Estonian language quite well to survive in offices and everyday life. Sadly, I have forgotten a lot of the language already as I am now living back in Finland. I would love to learn more Estonian though! Miks mitte?!
This is me on top of old soviet-era concert hall Linnahall in Tallinn, Estonia.
This is me on top of old soviet occupation era concert hall Linnahall in Tallinn, Estonia.
  1. I love cars, especially BMWs. I have owned around 10 different BMWs already, and the best one was E46 M3. Boy, I loved that car. I regret selling that away in 2013, but I couldn’t afford to keep more than one car at a time. Maybe I will try to find a perfect condition E46 M3 somewhere, maybe even the CSL model. Though it has the cursed SMG transmission…
  2. Even though I have studied physics and mathematics in University, I struggled to pass some courses. Especially Quantum Physics Course I and II seemed first to be impossible for me to pass. Even though quantum physics is really interesting. Luckily, I managed to pass both of them by taking the exams again with average grades. Damn, Schrödinger!
  3. I have a blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu or Nogi grappling. I consider myself an average wrestler who substitutes technique with raw power. Well, it’s not maybe wise but this is what I have gone with 🙂 greetings to my old teams 10th Planet Joensuu, Barreto Malmi, MMA Vantaa, and 3D Treening/Estum Jiu-Jitsu in Tallinn, and thanks for the great rounds (and pain)!
  4. I am allergic to fish. Shame that I don’t know what smoked salmon tastes like.
  5. I love burgers and pizza. The best fast food chain is McDonalds. Burger King and others can’t get even close. My definitive choice is the Double Quarter Pounder meal, always.
  6. More facts coming now and then! Let’s aim to at least 50 of them 🙂
Spathi alien character from Star Control 2 PC game saying: Goodbye, Hunam, I hope you aren't eaten by monsters.