CryptoPhysicist is finally open! How did I get here?

Wow, finally! This has been a long journey.

I used to run another crypto casino review site from 2015 to 2020, when I decided to sell the site to a friend. After the website sale I was quite confused. My full time job and “baby” was gone and I had to figure out what to do with my life.

Luckily I now had enough money to survive for a long time without a real job, so I wasn’t in a hurry.

Me on top of an old brutalistic, now obsolete concert hall Linnahall in Tallinn. The inside of this hall was featured in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet movie by the way.

I thought about going back to a teacher for maybe 5 seconds, but realised that road is done for me. Also going to work for someone was not an option for me as I had been a solo entrepreneur for years. That amount of freedom (and also responsibility of course) is hard to lose if you once get it.

But first, I needed a lot of rest. A lot of things were happening in the world, Covid pandemic and so on. I just hadn’t any energy to create anything new.

The best thing to do around 2020 was to play Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) with my wife, who (very) luckily is a gamer too. That was the best time spent in a long time. Just playing something refreshes thoughts and brain better than anything else (combined with some exercise of course).

This is Erangel, the original and most popular map in PUBG. Oh, I miss jumping there every day.
This is Erangel, the original and most popular map in PUBG. Oh, I miss jumping there every day.

Soon, I pondered I could learn some new skills and maybe make a business out of it. I tried a lot of things. I built a new gaming computer for myself and also a second one to streaming. I learned how to stream PUBG on Twitch.

That turned out to be a lot of fun and very difficult at the same time. I don’t have the time to stream PUBG anymore, but I definitely will be back some day.

I learned to create, shoot and edit review videos for my Youtube channel. I made few videos where I reviewed audio products (in Finnish though). That was very interesting and also very difficult at the same time. Creating Youtube videos seems easy but is actually extremely hard to make high quality videos. I ended up making two videos, but I will definitely be back some day, maybe in a different niche (cars for instance?). We’ll see.

I wrote some articles about SEO to my personal website in Finnish and English. My goal was to attract possible SEO clients through the articles, but I felt I didn’t have enough motivation to work for someone. I need to create something myself or my close friends (and my wife). I just am not that kind of a person who would love to work for someone else. My brain just instantly says “I could do that myself”.

I helped my wife to build her a new website for her new coaching and employer branding business. I also did all the audio editing work for my wife’s and her friend’s Podcast. All things related to audio production is very close to my heart as I have played drums since I was 13. I was the guy who recorded, edited and produced our first demo tapes and I was also the guy who set up the audio systems on our gigs. Later on, I also ended up studing audio production for few years before my physics studies.

Well, I have actually done a lot of things after I sold my previous website. Still, I am here with my new crypto casino review site. How come?

Welcome CryptoPhysicist!

After a long break from crypto casinos and crypto scene I started following a lot of crypto investing account on X (Twitter). My love for cryptos seemed to start again as there is a lot happening in the crypto scene now in 2023.

So after a little over 2 years I decided this Bitcoin and crypto casino review site is what I want to do now. My plan is to do things this time a little differently. So, CryptoPhysicist is here, hopefully for a long time.

Your trusted crypto casino scientist since 2015,