This site could have been CryptoMosquito…and tons of other failed domain ideas

Trying to invent a good name for a crypto casino website is difficult. There are a thousand ways you can go. This blog post tells you more about my journey in deciding a good domain name for this website.

Ultimately, I decided to go with CryptoPhysicist. You can decide if the name is good, but I like it. What were the 100 other failed ideas?

What about crypto combined with food?

My first idea was to combine crypto with something related to food. CryptoPotato could be a funny idea for the site and the domain. It turned out that many others have had the same idea, and CryptoPotato already exists.

The second problem was that if the site didn’t exist already, the domain name was registered to someone else. I ended up using Instant Domain Search for hours. For example, these domains were taken:

  • – is taken
  • – is taken
  • – is taken
  • – is taken
  • – is taken
  • – is taken
  • – is free
  • – is taken
  • – is free
  • – is free
  • – is free
  • – is free
  • – is free
  • – is free! That’s it!

Porcino is a delicious mushroom that grows widely on Finnish forests. I love porcini risotto. It’s the best.

I decided that could be a good idea for a new crypto casino review site: CryptoPorcino!

I got so excited that I designed a logo for the site already…poorly.

A failed logo idea: CryptoPorcino.
A failed domain name idea, CryptoPorcino…with a poorly drawn laser-eyed Porcino mushroom.

From the image above, you can see that I am not much of a logo designer.

I presented my idea of CryptoPorcino to my wife in excitement. My wife said: “You are never going to make it with that logo and that domain name”.

I gave the little mushroom a second thought, and maybe my wife was right. I liked the idea of the laser-eyed mushroom, but I went back to the brainstorming table.

A failed logo idea: CryptoPorcino.
This color scheme was the next idea for CryptoPorcino, a failed domain idea for this website. I liked this ’60s comic look in the font, and it almost made it to the CryptoPhysicist logo.

What about crypto combined with an animal?

The next idea was to abandon all food and think of a friendly animal that could be combined with crypto or Bitcoin at the start of the domain.

Here is a list of my failed domain ideas in that area:

  • – was taken and for sale for $49,900
  • – was free (I’m glad I didn’t pick this)
  • – was taken
  • CryptoDuck – was taken and for sale for $58,000
  • – was taken
  • – was free (That’s a perfect name; why didn’t I pick this?)

I scoured for tens and hundreds of different animal names for a domain. CryptoWolf. BitcoinBear. CryptoPike. BitcoinPerch. BitcoinFox. CryptoSeal. All domains were either registered or didn’t just feel right.

Finally, I found that is free. That’s it!

Finland has a lot of mosquitos. I know mosquitos. That’s a perfect name for a crypto-related website.

I returned to Photoshop as I cannot use Illustrator or other fancy logo designer tools.

A failed logo idea: CryptoMosquito.
CryptoMosquito with a ’60s comic-style font, again. Or the Incredible CryptoMosquito with superpowers?

Then, I gave this idea a second thought. I didn’t even dare to present this to my wife.

I planned to find a friendly and lovely animal that could be combined with a Bitcoin or a crypto prefix.

Mosquitos are not lovely. They hunt you down in masses and suck your blood. They spread diseases (luckily not in Finland, though). Maybe that is not a good association with a crypto casino compare site that should create trust and a good feeling.

CryptoMosquito went to the trash, unfortunately. Or probably, fortunately.

But the CryptoMosquito website could have been great. Now, we never know.

Let’s ditch the food and animals and create something trustworthy and boring

After many weeks and months, I was baffled and stuck with my ideas for a new website.

Combining Bitcoin and crypto with a softer, more pleasant thing like food or animal didn’t feel right.

Maybe I should go in a more professional direction. What kind of a domain and website name could raise trustworthiness and professionalism? My Instant Domain Search was filled with ideas like these.

  • – Boring
  • – Boring
  • – Something related to sea?
  • – This actually had a good feeling when I think about it now
  • – Super boring
  • – Boring
  • – Idea starts to form?
  • – Was free, but I am no mathematician

Then it hit me. I am a physicist and a physics teacher in my previous profession. was free.

That’s it!

Back to Photoshop, like I usually do to find if my idea is worth developing further.

Some designing ideas for CryptoPhysicist.
Here’s a screenshot of my Photoshop design document. First, I thought I would go to the ’60s comic style once again. But something didn’t feel suitable to combine physics with a comic style.

After weeks and months of designing and rolling the ideas back and forth, CryptoPhysicist felt right.

That defines me well, and it feels trustworthy. CryptoPhysicist suits well on my review style. I try to research everything like I did in my science studies or school projects.

The final logo is this: CryptoPhysicist.
After months and months, this is the logo I go with. I decided to ditch the comic style to a pretty plain text font.

I am happy with the result. I like the website CryptoPhysicist and found a good combination of colors, too.

I like the beige combined with calming dark blue.

The logo has some humor while not going over the top. As I am not a logo designer, I created a relatively easy text logo.

The square logo on the left has the design taken from the periodic table in chemistry.

Hope you like the design. But the laser-eyed porcino could have made a great website, too.

A failed logo idea: CryptoPorcino.