Best Bitcoin Casinos (Based On My Reviews)

Here are the best Bitcoin and crypto casinos in 2023 based on my reviews. The final rating score is combined from my objective rating and my researched online reputation score.

Please also check the review summaries below.

RankCasinoMy RatingOnline Reputation RatingFinal RatingReview Updated
1.Crypto.Games4 / 5 Good5 / 5 Excellent9 / 10 ExcellentNov 28, 2023
2.FortuneJack4 / 5 Good4 / 5 Good8 / 10 Very GoodNov 28, 2023
3.BitStarz4 / 5 Good3 / 5 Mixed and nonexistent7 / 10 GoodNov 28, 2023
4.Bspin.io3 / 5 Average3 / 5 Mixed and nonexistent6 / 10 AverageNov 28, 2023
My list of the best Bitcoin and crypto casinos in 2023 based on my online reputation check and thorough reviews.

My review methodology (Version 1.0 / December 2023)

My goal is to help you to find the best and most trusted Bitcoin and crypto casinos out there. It’s not an easy task to spot the best ones, as there are hundreds or even thousands of different crypto casinos. Moreover, there are new casinos emerging probably every week.

My review methodology consists of to parts: my personal rating and my online reputation check. Both ratings are given from 1 to 5.

These two are weighted equally 50/50, so the final rating is formed by summing these two. Therefore, the final rating scale is between 2 to 10.

Based on my experience from 2015, I know that many crypto casinos may have a great player experience, but they are known for their bad reputation in withdrawals, for example. Or this can be the other way, the casino is known for their flawless reputation, but the casino fails to work properly.

I think it can be possible to find crypto casinos, that are both trusted, and have the best player experience possible.

In my opinion, the online reputation check is very important and I give that an equal weight of 50% in the final scores. If the online reputation score is too low (2/5 or lower), I am not recommending the casino at all. Also, if a casino gets one score of 1/5, the casino gets an instant blacklisting on my site and is not recommended at all.

There’s no point in recommending an untrustworthy casino, nevertheless how great the game selection and casinos functionality is.

In general, as a player I would recommend you to check the online reputation rating first. If that is good enough for you, then check if the casino delivers the all the things you want for your crypto gambling needs.

How the My Rating is formed

The rating scale for My Rating is as followed.

My RatingExplanation
5 / 5 ExcellentThe casino is an excellent crypto casino with no major flaws (in it’s own category). This means that a a small and simple provably fair crypto casino and a huge crypto casino with thousands game provider made slots can both get a 5/5 rating in their own category.
4 / 5 GoodA very good Bitcoin casino that has some things needed to fix or lacks an important functionality.
3 / 5 AverageAn average casino can be recommended, if you can live with the flaws and problems in functionality, technical matters or customer support, for instance. However, deposits and withdrawals should still work well to get a 3/5 rating.
2 / 5 PoorA poorly functioning crypto casino that has major problems in key areas like games, payments, account menus or customer support. Not recommended.
1 / 5 AvoidA crypto casino that fails to work as a crypto casino at all. There are very big technical problems, signs of exit scam, or non-functioning withdrawals for instance. Not recommended at all, and the casino should be avoided at all costs. For one 1/5 score, the casino gets blacklisted on my site.

My methodology for deciding the My Rating score

  1. First, I will search for tons of facts online to get the facts right on the reviews. This would include things like when the casino was founded, what is the company behind the site and what cryptocurrencies the casino supports, for instance.
  2. I will create an anonymous account to test the casino. If possible (if the casino doesn’t ask for KYC documents), I try to keep my identity as hidden as possible, so the casion staff cannot connect my account to this review site.
  3. I will make at least few deposits using different cryptocurrencies, using my own money.
  4. I will test the bonuses, how easy or complicated they are to get and if there are some hidden terms and conditions.
  5. I will read the general terms and conditions from the beginning to the end. If I find something a player needs to know, I will let that know in the review.
  6. I will test the games, slots, table games, live casino and sports betting if available. I will also try to play with a VPN and also without a VPN.
  7. I will do my extensive technical tests and measure the speed of the casino. This will reveal, if the casino has been lazy on the technical side or saved some costs using slow servers, for example.
  8. After the game testing, I will do few withdrawals and test if they are processed, and how fast they are processed.
  9. I will test the customer support and ask questions using real problems, if I have encountered some during my testing.
  10. I will keep a review and testing log for full transparency. You know how long I have tested the casino and what I have done.
  11. Finally, I will decide the My Rating score from 1 to 5. The rating is 100% objective and I try to be as transparent as possible, so you know why a certain rating was given to a casino.

How the Online Reputation Rating is formed

The rating scale for the Online Reputation Rating is as followed.

Online Reputation RatingExplanation
5 / 5 ExcellentThe online reputation is flawless in cryptocurrency forums (like Bitcointalk), Reddit, Trustpilot, and online in overall. There are only handful of negative reviews, but most of them seems spam and/or frustrated gamblers who probably just lost money and are disappointed to the casino.
4 / 5 GoodThe online reputation is good in most part of cryptocurrency forums, Reddit and Trustpilot. One of these might have more negative reviews, but in general the overall reputation is good.
3 / 5 Average OR Mixed OR Nonexistent (or a combination of these)The rating 3/5 is divided to 3 different grades, that can be also combined depending on the situation:

Average: The online reputation is average, there are some good feedback, some average feedback and also negative feedback.

Mixed: The online reputation is polarized: There are a lot of good feedback and a lot of negative feedback. For some reason, the middle part of reputation scale is missing.

Nonexistent: If I cannot find experiences about a crypto casino, the reputation is nonexistent. The reason can be if a crypto casino is very new, or the casino is not popular at all. This is a tricky reputation, as it is hard to grasp if the casino is trusted or not. It might be wise to wait for few months to get more data, before you make the choice to play on a casino.
2 / 5 PoorThe online reputation is mostly negative on all cryptocurrency forums, Reddit and Trustpilot. If this is the case, I cannot recommend the casino at all, even though it would function flawlessly in other areas.
1 / 5 Very negativeA very negative online reputation in almost all places online. Many signs of exit scams or withdrawal scams (where only deposits work on the casino). For one 1/5 score, the casino gets blacklisted on my site.

My methodology for deciding the Online Reputation Rating

  1. I will do an extensive web search using many different search terms, like scam, reviews, opinions, experiences, etc.
  2. I will look for, if there is an official thread of the crypto casino. In my opinion, this is a very good way to measure the online reputation. The reputation on Bitcointalk is really hard to fake, as there is a great reputation system on the forum. If a lot of experienced users are giving positive feedback on the casino, it is a very good sign. A nonexistent or bad reputation on Bitcointalk is a red flag to me, and I am very cautious on the casino.
  3. I will look for the reputation on Reddit. Reddit is probably the biggest discussion forum there is, and if a crypto casino has a reputation, it should show on Reddit. If a casino is untrusted or doesn’t work well, there should be a thread on Reddit about it.
  4. I will look the reputation on Trustpilot. This is a smaller sign on the reputation rating, as there may be fake Trustpilot reviews. However, I try to read between the lines: usually the fake reviews are easy to spot and the real good reviews seem genuine. Still in general, I am still thinking if Trustpilot should be in the Online Reputation Rating. I may change this if necessary.
  5. I will include other online sources to the review if I find something about a crypto casino.

All in all, based on these points I will decide the Online Reputation Rating between 1 to 5.

The key thing is, that I do the search work for you. It is quite hard work to search for tens or hundeds of websites and forums, and I hope my Online Reputation Rating helps a little on that.

How the Final Rating is formed

The Final Rating is formed just by summing My Rating and Online Reputation Rating.

Final Ratings = My Rating + Online Reputation Rating.

The Final Rating scale is from 2 to 10, as the My Rating and Online Reputation Rating is rated between 1 to 5.

Review summaries

I may get a commission if you use my affiliate links (marked with an *). Read more about me here.

1. Crypto.Games review summary

Based on my testing and online reputation check, I happily recommend Crypto.Games. If you are looking for a simple, back-to-basics crypto casino with old-school dice site vibes, CG could be a good choice.

My rating: 4 Good (out of 5)
Online reputation: 5 Excellent (out of 5)
Crypto.Games final rating: 9 Excellent (out of 10)

Crypto.Games, a veteran crypto casino founded in 2015, boasts a positive online reputation that instills trust in its users. slot game
The old school of Dice game in Crypto.Games.

Crypto.Games would need a significant overhaul in graphics and auditory content. However, the casino is still introducing new casino games and developing the old ones regularly.


  • An outstanding reputation in Bitcoin and crypto forums, Reddit, and Trustpilot.
  • All 10 games are provably fair with low house edges.
  • The website ranked very fast in my tests and is decent to use.
  • Fast deposits and no problems in withdrawals (except the first one went to manual approval)


  • Only 10 games that may get boring over time.
  • Graphics and sounds would need a lot of polishing.
  • The menu structure is illogical, and some bits of information are hard to find for a new user.

Welcome bonus

Crypto.Games offers an exclusive bonus of a free $10 voucher for new players.

* Go to Crypto.Games

Or read my full Crypto.Games review.

2. FortuneJack review summary

After extensive testing and researching FortuneJack’s online reputation, I rate them very good.

My rating: 4 Good (out of 5)
Online reputation: 4 Good (out of 5)
FortuneJack final rating: 8 Very Good (out of 10)

Overall, FortuneJack performs well. However, some things could be improved with its reputation, bonus terms, and withdrawal limits.

Key takeaways

FortuneJack, founded in 2014, has an excellent reputation in Bitcointalk. The casino offers a vast selection of provably fair games.

In addition, the sportsbook selection is excellent and attracts many bettors, as seen on the Bitcointalk thread.

FortuneJack has received mixed reviews on Trustpilot and Reddit (examples one, two, and three), affecting its reputation negatively.

The minimum withdrawal amount for all cryptocurrencies is $150, which is relatively high. Additionally, winnings from deposit bonuses are limited to 5x the initial bonus amount.

FortuneJack casino lobby looks like this in Septembe 2023.

All things considered, FortuneJack is a well-functioning casino with a good reputation on Bitcointalk and a user-friendly interface. If you can tolerate the minor flaws mentioned in this review, it is an excellent choice.

Welcome bonus

FortuneJack offers a first deposit bonus of 110% up to 1.5 BTC + 250 free spins OR 20% cashback after 24 hours.

* Go to FortuneJack

Or read my full FortuneJack review.

3. BitStarz review summary

After my extensive testing over 3 weeks in November 2023, I would rate BitStarz to be a good Bitcoin and crypto casino worth taking a look.

My rating: 4 Good (out of 5)
Online reputation: 3 Mixed and nonexistent (out of 5)
BitStarz final rating: 7 Good (out of 10)

Key takeaways

The game selection is excellent, with over 5000 games from 67 providers.

The deposits and withdrawals worked quickly in my tests and there are no fees for both. For example, my Litecoin withdrawal arrived after 5 minutes to my Trust wallet.

BitStarz’s online reputation is on an average or good level compared to other crypto casinos. The Trustpilot score is excellent, but BitStarz could be more present on Bitcointalk or Reddit to answer criticism.

The welcome bonuses are great, except the wagering requirement is relatively high with 40x.

BitStarz Casino front page.

All things considered, BitStarz is a very good Bitcoin and crypto casino with a solid history starting from 2014. I see no reason not to recommend BitStarz if you can live with the few flaws I mentioned.

Welcome bonus

BitStarz offers a first deposit bonus of 100% up to 1 BTC + 180 free spins. There are also 20 no-deposit free spins offered for some countries.

* Go to BitStarz

Or read my full BitStarz review.

4. review summary is a crypto casino founded in 2018. The site has developed a lot over the years, and the bonuses, cashback, and promotions are excellent.

My rating: 3 Average (out of 5)
Online reputation: 3 Mixed and nonexistent (out of 5) final rating: 6 Average (out of 10) lobby looks like this.’s lobby looks like this.

Game selection is vast, with 3000 slots from over 45 game providers. There are also a lot of table games, live games, and Livespins available.

The amount of experience and feedback of Bspin on cryptocurrency forums, Reddit, and Trustpilot is very limited, and Bspin seems not to be a trendy site.

I couldn’t find any significant scam accusations online. However, the Trustpilot score is relatively low, with 2.7 stars. The reviews are mixed, and there is a lot of negative feedback on Trustpilot.


  • The casino lobby is easy to use, and all the necessary information (bonuses, wagering, deposits) is clearly presented.
  • The deposits and bonuses worked fine.
  • Cashback and Backpocket bonuses are innovative, and the Loyalty Rank system is easy to understand and rewarding.


  • Withdrawals had problems, and they were not instant (took 2 hours). Also, withdrawal costs are relatively high.
  • Site speed is slow, and it would need improving to make the user experience better.
  • Security would need improvement: no 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is available.
  • Reputation is mixed and almost nonexistent online.

In my opinion, if you are good with little problems in withdrawals and a mixed online reputation, is an adequate small crypto casino worth looking at.

Welcome bonus offers an exclusive first deposit bonus: 120% up to 1 BTC + 50 free spins to Livespins

* Go to

Or read my full review.

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