My Casino Review

However, the site was promising, fast, and easy to use, so I was happy to review it on my previous site. Let’s take a look now in 2023 if is still as good as it was before!

My first encounter with was in 2019 when I tested the casino for my old crypto casino review site. Back then, Bspin was a fresh Bitcoin casino founded in June 2018, and it didn’t have many players and traffic back then.

I may receive a commission if you use my affiliate links (marked with *). Read more about me.

Review summary is a crypto casino founded in 2018. The site has developed a lot over the years, and the bonuses, cashback, and promotions are excellent. The online reputation could be better.

My rating: 3 Average (out of 5)
Online reputation: 3 Mixed and nonexistent (out of 5) final rating: 6 Average (out of 10) lobby looks like this.’s lobby looks like this.

Game selection is vast, with 3000 slots from over 45 game providers, with also Livespins available.

The amount of experience and feedback of Bspin on cryptocurrency forums, Reddit, and Trustpilot is very limited, and Bspin seems not to be a trendy site.

I couldn’t find any significant scam accusations. Trustpilot score is low, with 2.7 stars. The reviews are mixed, and there is a lot of negative feedback.


  • The casino lobby is easy to use, and all the necessary information (bonuses, wagering, deposits) is clearly presented.
  • The deposits and bonuses worked fine.
  • Cashback and Backpocket bonuses are innovative, and the Loyalty Rank system is easy to understand and rewarding.


  • Withdrawals had problems, and they were not instant (took 2 hours). Also, withdrawal costs are relatively high.
  • Site speed is slow, and it would need improving to make the user experience better.
  • Security would need improvement: no 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is available.
  • Reputation is mixed and almost nonexistent online.

In my opinion, if you are good with little problems in withdrawals and a mixed online reputation, is an adequate small crypto casino worth looking at.

If you want to check out offers an exclusive first deposit bonus: 120% up to 1 BTC + 50 free spins to Livespins
Use the link below, no bonus code is needed. Wagering 45x on the bonus, 35x on the free spins. Read the full bonus info below.

* Go to

My research

  1. Why you should trust me
  2. Who this crypto casino is for
  3. How I picked and tested this crypto casino
  4. Reputation on Bitcointalk, Reddit, etc.
  5. My observations and experiences
  6. Things I liked
  7. Flaws
  8. Facts listed
  9. Bonuses
  10. Competition
  11. My test log
  12. Final rating
  13. User reviews

1. Why you should trust me

I started following Bitcoin already in 2013 and have been reviewing crypto casinos since 2015. My previous review site became my full-time job in 2018. So I have a lot of experience and expertise in cryptos and crypto casinos.

I am 100% transparent on everything. I own this site and create all content, design, and everything you see here. My review site contains affiliate links, and if you want to use them, I may earn a commission. Read more about my story here.

I love science and facts, and I have a degree in physics and mathematics. The scientific way is also my method in reviewing crypto casinos. I first handedly reviewed all the casinos shown here.

I also searched the crypto forums and communities to find second opinions about different crypto casinos. So in a nutshell, you don’t have to only trust me, you can trust the general opinion of the community.

Usually, the most shady and untrustworthy sites are easy to spot as they have a lot of negative reviews online. And of course, vice versa, great casinos have a lot of great feedback on the internet.

2. Who this crypto casino is for works for a crypto gamer who loves a compact crypto casino with a simple interface. has good deposit bonuses, cashback, loyalty levels, and promotion races. Also, the game selection is extensive, with over 3000 games from over 40 game providers.

Overall, is a very good basic crypto casino with everything you need for slot and live casino gambling. lobby looks like this.
The lobby looks like this now in 2023.

However, if you are looking for simple provably fair dice games, might not be for you. Also, if you are looking for an all-in-one site with a sportsbook and a casino, probably sites like * Stake and * FortuneJack could be a better choice for you.

Restricted countries

If your country is on the restricted countries list, you cannot register an account or play at

Restricted countries to are: United States of America and its territories (USA), France and its territories, Netherlands and its territories and countries that form the Kingdom of Netherlands, including Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba, Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, Australia and its territories, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Spain.

3. How I picked and tested this crypto casino was selected for my review as it is a reasonably old crypto casino, founded in June 2018. Bspin has some online presence in crypto forums (more about this later on), and the company behind the casino keeps developing the site.

However, Bspin is still considered a small crypto casino, so I was eager to take a look at how much it has developed after 2020 when I last time visited the site.

I tested in September 2023 during 2 weeks test period. I did a few deposits and withdrawals, tested the bonus wagering, and played many games.

I also tested some of Bspin’s recommended slots, board games, Livespins, and some of my own favorite slots.

It's me, Jaakko testing on my office in 2023.
This is me testing on September 2023 in my office.

In this review, I will present all my findings. However, this review is not static: I keep updating the review whenever I make new deposits and new tests for the casino.

Also, if I find something new is bubbling in the public opinion (good or bad player experiences), I will let you know about it here.

4. Reputation on Bitcointalk, Reddit, etc.

I searched the Internet a lot to get a grasp of Bspin’s general opinion and reputation on the internet.’s Trustpilot score is 2.7 stars with 39 reviews (in October 2023). 46% are 5-star and 30% are 1-star reviews, so the results are very mixed.

Many complaints are about missing cashouts, slow withdrawals, and errors in withdrawals. This seems legit as I also had the same problems with slow withdrawals and errors, though my withdrawal luckily went through after 2 hours. user rating summary on Trustpilot in October 2023.’s reputation on Trustpilot is shown here, a screenshot taken in October 2023. staff has answered some of the negative reviews (6 out of 14), so they should be aware of the user problems and negative reviews on Trustpilot.

In my opinion, staff should be more active and take care of the negative reviews, at least answer something to them. It is tough to say if’s positive or negative reviews are legit on Trustpilot, but what do you think?

Here are a few examples. user review on Trustpilot in October 2023.
This was the latest great review that didn’t look overly spammy or fake. user review on Trustpilot in October 2023.
Some US players have had problems with withdrawals. This is kind of interesting as the US is on the restricted countries list on terms. user review on Trustpilot in October 2023.
One more withdrawal problem, but this time staff has addressed the issue at least on Trustpilot. is present in with the main thread and a few bonus threads (one and two). Threads are not very active, but Bspin was back on the main thread with a new user account (not the original poster though, OP).

There is not much feedback on on Bitcontalk, so I can’t say much about public opinion. is practically nonexistent in Reddit, as I found only this more extensive thread. reputation summary

In general, I couldn’t find major scam accusations or big problems online regarding Most reviews are very mixed, and the online presence is very small.

The rating on Trustpilot is relatively weak, with 2.7 stars from 39 reviews. The reviews are very mixed, with many 5-star reviews and a lot of 1-2-star reviews with many user problems circulating withdrawal problems. staff has answered only 6 out of 14 negative reviews. This is a thing that I wish could do better.

The amount of experience on forums and Reddit is tiny. Seems like is not the most popular crypto casino out there. is almost nonexistent on Reddit, and’s threads are inactive.

There are a lot of Bspin reviews on other affiliate/review sites like mine, but I would take those reviews very carefully, as many of the review sites can be biased. AskGamblers (by the way also an affiliate site) has 2 casino complaints that are not resolved yet on October 19, 2023.

5. My observations and experiences

Here are all my observations during the 2 week test period.

Deposits and withdrawals

I made a few deposits and withdrawals to Bspin during my test period. The deposits were confirmed in about 10 minutes.

Deposit methods and cryptocurrency options on
Here is the deposit screen with the deposit options and supported cryptocurrencies. Everything is presented very clearly here.

However, I had some problems with the withdrawals. I found out I couldn’t clear my bonus and decided to forfeit my bonus. Then I tried to withdraw the remaining Bitcoins.

First, the withdrawals didn’t work using the slow or default speed, and the client showed an error with Bitcoin confirmations.

After a while, the withdrawal worked, but even though the sum was tiny (430 μBTC), the withdrawal got stuck to manual support approval.

Finally, the withdrawal was processed after 2 hours of waiting time. I also sent a message regarding that withdrawal, and the support answered me within that same time, 2 hours.

The withdrawal fees are also quite big. Too big, in my opinion. I am unsure what the different withdrawal speeds mean, as my minuscule withdrawal of around 430 μBTC ($11 or 10 €) went to manual approval anyway and took about 2 hours to complete.

So I guess it is best to use the slow speed anyway, as I did.

Minimum cashout30 μBTC = 0.000 030 BTC ≈ 0.75 EUR ($0.78)
Withdrawal cost, slow speed70 μBTC = 0.000 070 BTC ≈ 1.72 EUR ($1.8)
Withdrawal cost, default speed250 μBTC = 0.000 250 BTC ≈ 6.15 EUR ($6.5)
Withdrawal cost, fast speed500 μBTC = 0.000 500 BTC ≈ 12.30 EUR ($13) minimum cashout and withdrawal fees.

Site speed

In general, everything is not lightning fast (as claims), but the speed is enough in regular use not to affect the gaming experience.

However, in my speed testing (table below), the results came out not so good. All tests showed that the website is sluggish. Still, this is not catastrophic, and it can be challenging to build a complicated casino website that is also fast.

Link to my test site speed results
Google Pagespeed InsightsPerformance 19/100 (mobile) and 27/100 (desktop) = slow
GTmetrix speed testGrade F – Performance 21% = slow Web Vitals Batch TestGrade E – Score 10% = slow TTFB test (time to first byte)Grade E – Average TTFB 757 ms = slow speed testing. Guide: red means slow, yellow means average speed, and green means fast. Test done in September 2023.

In conclusion, Bspin should optimize the website and consider faster servers to get the player experience faster and more fluent. On the other hand, if the site speed is enough for you, then the slow speed doesn’t matter.

GTmetrix speed results came not so good on Bspin.
An example of my speed testing in GTmetrix, which is a great tool trying to optimize the speed of any website.

Anyhow, if a crypto casino wants to have a superb customer experience, the site speed should be better, in my opinion. I also did speed testing in one knowingly fast crypto casino and my old favorite Crypto.Games got great speed results (read more from my Crypto.Games review here).

Review update in October 19, 2023: I got a message from staff about my speed results. They mentioned that the mobile speed is better on their mobile site. After a quick test, it is so. people also hinted they are making a big site update to a more responsible form, so the speed should also increase after the update. I am happy to take a new look and new speed tests after the update, so stay tuned!

Site usability

The game search works fine, but sometimes the selectors for game providers were just lost. The account details, deposits, bonus page, etc., are very informative, and there are no problems in that area.

Bonuses are straightforward to activate and find in the Bonuses tab. Bonuses can be used with any of the cryptos available.

Also, the free spins were granted automatically to Betsoft’s Fruit Zen slot game. I tested the regular first deposit bonus this time.

The cashback page can also be found quickly, and it shows the current level and the next level.

Cashback screen on
A screenshot from the Cashback page. Once again, very informative and clear job done here.

Some language options are made using a machine translator or Google Translate. The Finnish translations were hilarious. Here are a few examples:

“Bitcoin-kasinot ovat tällä hetkellä nettipelimaailman huutonaurua.” = “Bitcoin casinos are the rage laugh of online gaming world.”
“Turbo jännittää. Murskaa rakastamasi pelit”. = “Turbo is nervous. Crush the games you love.”

Well, it’s better than nothing, and it is easy to switch back to English like I did 😀

In general, the site’s usability is excellent. Besides, the game search could need some polishing.

About game selection offers 2946 slot games from about 46 game providers. The providers are known names like Betsoft, Booming Games, and Evolution, so everything is in order there.

Slot game selection on
The recommended slot game list looks like this on

This time, I tested Monster Pop (Betsoft), Book of Skulls – Uncharted Treasure (Spinomenal), Book of Pyramids (Bgaming), and Lady Wolf Moon Megaways (Bgaming). You can also buy bonus rounds to Lady Wolf, which didn’t work, unfortunately. There was some error, and the slot crashed eventually, too. also has a good selection of table games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and table poker games. There’s also a live casino with live dealers from Evolution.

An exceptional game is Livespins, where you can join the show of Twitch-style slot streamers.

In this game mode, you play the same game the streamer plays and get the same winnings. Or lose the bets as the streamer does.

You can also watch and decide when you want to join the bets. And you can also choose your bet level starting from microbets if you like. Livespins is a social slot game that combines Twitch-style streaming, chat talking, and slots.

Livespins game testing on
This is Livespins on Bspin, where you can gamble socially with a Twitch-style streamer and the chat community. It was pretty fun when I tested the casino!

There are also dice games, crash games, and Plinko available.

Other observations

You can buy cryptos directly on the website with Mastercard and Visa through Changelly. However, I recommend doing that only with small amounts, as the exchange rates are terrible.

Terms and conditions and KYC policies

There is no place for any personal details in the account, so they are probably not asked. At least I could make a few deposits and withdrawals with small money (under 100 EUR / USD) without any personal details or IDs asked.

However, in the KYC policy, Bspin states that an ID, Proof of Address (utility bill or bank statement), and a Selfie with ID may be asked at any time. If so, they should be sent to email The policy also states that “if a user has not passed full KYC, then they cannot make additional deposits or withdrawals of any amount”.

So anonymous gambling is probably not possible in, even though I wasn’t asked for any documents so far.

Restricted countries are shown in the Terms & Conditions: United States of America and its territories (USA), France and its territories, Netherlands and its territories, and countries that form the Kingdom of Netherlands, including Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba, Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, Australia and its territories, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Spain.

So does not accept players from the USA, France, Netherlands, Australia, UK and Northern Ireland and Spain.


I found out that there is no self-exclusion available button or switch even though it was mentioned in the responsible gambling terms. You can, however, deactivate the account from the About Me section in the account settings.

Otherwise, Bspin has a Curacao eGaming license, but I can’t find anything else that would fall into the responsible gambling topic.

6. Things I liked has many things that I liked when I tested the site.

The site is well-organized and presents all the necessary information in a concise manner. For instance, information on bonuses and deposits can be easily found in the account section.

Although the website’s speed is usually sufficient for regular use, it may become a problem for users with slower internet connections.

The bonus selection is excellent, with a generous 120% first deposit bonus and 50 free spins. There are also Spin Tournaments, many Cashbacks, and an easily understandable Loyalty Rank system.

Backpocket bonus is also quite common in some legendary crypto dice sites but not rarely found in traditional online casinos. has some innovative bonuses like these Satoshi Pocket and Free Spin Pocket shown here.
Here are the Satoshi and Free Spin Pocket bonuses, where you can get (minimal amounts of) free playing money for testing the games.

This bonus offers you free spins and free Satoshis by having an account. Every 45 minutes, you get a set of 5 free spins, up to 20 free spins (Wagering requirement is 45x). You can get 20 Satoshi for every 20 minutes, regardless of whether you are logged in or not. The Satoshi bonus is available from rank 2.

7. Flaws

About’s security, I couldn’t find a 2-factor authentication (2FA) anywhere. So the security lies only in your username and password, so make sure you have a strong one. Or do not store considerable amounts of cryptos in your Bspin account.

Also, the withdrawals didn’t work well in my testing. They had a lot of errors, and the withdrawals were not instant. My 430 μBTC withdrawal test ($11 or 10 €) went through manual approval, and it took around 2 hours to complete.

The withdrawal fees are also too big, in my opinion. The slowest withdrawal costs 30 μBTC (around 0.75 EUR or $0.78) and the fastest 500 μBTC (around 12.30 EUR or $13), and that is quite a lot also in the regular world or in the crypto world.

The Bspin site speed is also sluggish. The site works okay in regular use, but this could be something Bspin could quickly improve. More speed optimization and faster servers are a good start.

The wagering requirement of 45x in the exclusive bonus is high, and it is hard to clear successfully. So, I recommend thinking of going without a bonus if you want to keep your potential winnings and not worry about bonus clearing.

Also, the mixed and relatively nonexistent online reputation can be thought of as a flaw.

8. Facts listed

Here are some facts, information, and social media links to facts and test results
Operated by:Meta Gaming N.V.
eGaming license:Curacao (License 356/JAZ)
Casino founded:June 2018
Support types:46 game providers like Betsoft, Booming Games, and Evolution. See full list below.
Game count:About 3000
Game X (Twitter) account. Around 90 followers, not a very active account.
Provably fair:73 provably fair slots (can be searched separately) thread official official user
X (Twitter) Instagram account. Around 2100 followers. Contains offers and slot introductions, etc. Telegram channel. Contains bonus offers and other information. Reddit user. Not much content, the last ones from 3 years ago. Facebook page on TrustPilot. The rating is 2.9 stars with 37 reviews when writing this. Mixed reviews.
TrustPilot:No instant withdrawals. Withdrawal took about 2 hours to complete in my tests.
Languages:English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovenian, Turkish, Danish, Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian
Deposit time: About 10 minutes in my tests.
Minimum withdrawal:30 μBTC = 0.000030 BTC
Withdrawal fee:Slow speed transfer: 70 μBTC = 0.000 070 BTC ≈ 1.72 EUR ($1.8)
Default speed transfer: 250 μBTC = 0.000 250 BTC ≈ 6.15 EUR ($6.5)
Fast speed transfer: 500 μBTC = 0.000 500 BTC ≈ 12.30 EUR ($13)
Withdrawal time:No instant withdrawals. Withdrawal took about 2 hours to complete during my testing. facts and test results. Updated and fact-checked in November 2023.

Here’s the complete list of game providers on Amatic, Apollo Games, Betgames, Betsoft, Bgaming, Blueprint Gaming, Booming Games, Booongo, DLV, Endorphina, EAGaming, Evolution, Evoplay, Felix Gaming, Gamebeat, Habanero, Hacksaw Gaming, Igrosoft, KA Gaming, Livespins, Lucky, Mascot Gaming, MrSlotty, Netent, Netgame Entertainment, Nolimit City, OneTouch, Panga Games, Pocket Games Soft, Platipus, Playson, Pragmatic Play, Quickspin, Rabcat, Revolver Gaming, Rival, Smartsoft Gaming, Spinomenal, Spinthon, Spribe, Superlotto Games, Tangent Games, 3 Oaks Gaming, Turbo Games, Wazdan and Yggdrasil

9. bonuses

The people at Bspin were happy to grant all CryptoPhysicist readers an exclusive first deposit bonus of 120% up to 1 BTC + 50 free spins to Livespins.

The standard bonus is 100% up to 1 BTC + 20 free spins to Fruit Zen, so the exclusive one is slightly better.

Even though the regular deposit bonus has a wagering requirement of only 35x (the exclusive bonus has 45x), the exclusive bonus still has a better win rate in the long end. This bonus below is what I recommend.

* Go to

Here are all the bonuses in a nutshell.

BonusBonus details
Exclusive first deposit bonus

120% up to 1 BTC + 50 free spins to Livespins
How to get the bonus: Use the link below, no bonus code is needed. Wagering 45x on the bonus, 35x on the free spins.
Regular first deposit bonus100% up to 1 BTC + 20 free spins to Fruit Zen
Wagering 35x. Can be requested from chat instead of the exclusive bonus.
1st reload bonus50% up to 1 BTC + 20 free spins to Fruit Zen
Wagering 35x.
2nd reload bonus75% up to 1 BTC + 20 free spins to Fruit Zen
Wagering 35x.
Loyalty Rank systemCashback increases from 1% up to 20% based on your Loyalty Rank level. Also other benefits. Ranks are permanent, which is a plus.
Cashback (regular)Cashback is paid on Mondays based on how much you have lost on the previous week.
Bitcoin Value Weekly CashbackIf you lose on some week, and Bitcoin’s value goes up on that week (and you miss that because you lost all your Bitcoins), you will get Bitcoin Value Weekly Cashback. This bonus is explained here. This bonus starts from Loyalty Rank 5.
Free Satoshis (Satoshi Pocket)Starting from Loyalty Rank 2, you will get small amounts of Satoshis free to test the games. You get 20 Satoshis every 20 minutes.
Free Spin PocketYou will get 5 free spins every 45 minutes, up to 20 free spins.
Here is a list of all bonuses, free spins, cashback, and other promotions.

First deposit bonus in

The people at gladly offered this exclusive bonus to CryptoPhysicist readers: 120% up to 1 BTC + 50 free spins to Livespins.

Wagering of 45x the bonus money is needed before withdrawal is possible. However, the wagering is 35x in the winnings related to the free spins. lobby looks like this.
The lobby looks like this.

The regular first deposit bonus to is 100% up to 1 BTC + 20 free spins to Fruit Zen (Wagering 35x the bonus before withdrawal). This can also be obtained through chat if you would prefer a bonus with a minor wagering requirement.

Though the exclusive bonus has a better win rate, that is what I recommend.

  • 120% first deposit bonus means if you deposit 1 BTC, you will get 1.20 BTC of bonus money on top. So there will be 2.20 BTC on your game account.
  • Wagering 45x the bonus money is needed before withdrawal is possible. For example if you deposit 1 BTC and get 1.2 BTC of bonus money, you must roll 45 x 1.2 BTC = 54 BTC of bets in slots for instance to be able to withdraw the bonus money.
  • Most slots contribute 100% to wagering, roulette and poker games 20%, table games 10% and live games 0%.
  • Please note that some selected slots contribute 80% and some only 20% to wagering. Please read the full slot list from * bonus terms in article 5.5.
  • The bonus offer is valid 30 days from the moment of initial deposit.
  • Minimum deposit is 1000 μBTC = 0.001 BTC.
  • Bonus is forfeitable (bonus money can be removed at any time) without forfeiting the initial deposit.
  • Read the * full bonus terms and conditions from website.

Reload bonuses in

The first reload bonus after the first deposit is a 50% bonus up to 1 BTC + 20 free spins in the Fruit Zen slot game.

The second reload bonus is 75% up to 1 BTC + 20 free spins in Fruit Zen.

The same bonus terms apply as with the exclusive first deposit bonus, except you must wager the bonus money only 35x.

Cashback in offers a “regular” cashback and a Bitcoin Value Weekly Cashback for Loyalty Rank 5 players and up.

Regular cashback varies from your Loyalty Rank level. It starts from 1% in Rank 1 (Spin-walker) and goes up to 20% in Rank 10 (AΩ = Alpha Omega). loyalty rank system.
Here are the first 3 ranks on the Loyalty system. Cashback starts from 1% and goes up to 20%.

Cashback on your week’s losses is paid on Mondays according to your current Rank. Cashback can be withdrawn until Friday.

By the way, the good thing about the Loyalty Ranks is that they are yours as long as your account is active. So once you reach Rank 5, for example, it is yours forever, and you can’t drop down in levels. loyalty rank system.
I like’s Loyalty system. Here are the last ranks 8-10. It’s transparent and immensely rewarding. Once you reach a certain level, it’s yours forever as long as your account is active. Cashback on the last Rank 10 is quite something with 20%.

Bitcoin Value Weekly Cashback in

This is a very unique bonus I have never seen anywhere else.

Bitcoin Value Weekly Cashback is available to Loyalty Rank 5 and up. The more the Bitcoin price rises weekly, the more cashback you will get on that week’s possible losses.

There is a 2-week history on the Promotions page about Bitcoin Value Weekly Cashback. The chart also shows the estimated Cashback in the coming week.

This bonus compensates a little of the profit you would have had if you didn’t lose the Bitcoins to that week.

  1. A 7 days price average is calculated, Monday opening to Sunday closing (Example average 105).
  2. That average is then compared to next week’s Monday opening price (Example price 110).
  3. If you hadn’t gambled that money, you would have made profit (Example profit 5)
  4. Compared to Monday opening price, the percentage is 5 / 110 = 4.55 %
  5. You will get a 4.55 % cashback on your previous week’s losses.
  6. If BTC price falls, no cashback is credited.
  7. As a special bonus, may top up the Bitcoin Value Weekly Cashback up to 2x. So in this example the bonus would have been 2 x 4.55 % = 9.1 % if you are lucky.

Here’s a great example image * from promotions-page.

An example of's Bitcoin Price Weekly Cashback bonus.
An example of’s Bitcoin Price Weekly Cashback bonus. bonuses – In conclusion

In conclusion, the bonuses in are outstanding. The 120% exclusive first deposit bonus is generous, and the cashback makes up a lot if you lose money on some weeks.

However, the wagering requirement in the exclusive bonus is challenging with 45x.

* Go to

For more bonuses, read my extensive Bitcoin casino bonus guide here.

10. The competition

In my opinion, reminds me of crypto casinos like * FortuneJack or * Stake when they were starting their crypto casino journeys.

Both have great bonuses and try to be as fluent and modern as possible while constantly improving.

However, these casinos are giants in size compared to Bspin, but I think Bspin might be on the way to being like these bigger crypto brothers or sisters.

For more Bitcoin casinos reviewed, read my article here.

11. My test log

Here is my test log that keeps updating when I make a revisit to

DateTest done
November 11, 2023Some grammar checking and rephrasing some sentences.
October 19, 2023.I updated the reputation-chapter with a few screenshots and edited the Trustpilot score. Also, some minor readability tweaks and added the reputation to the cons-list. Updated the speed testing chapter for new results from mobile casino testing.
September 26, 2023Game testing, slots, table games, Livespins, and freespins. I’m trying to wager the bonus (no luck there).
September 26, 2023Withdrawals made with few problems. Finally, after 2 hours, the withdrawals are complete.
From September 21 to September 26, 2023.Testing the cashback and playing more slots.
September 21, 2023The deposit of 0.002 BTC was done at 10:29 and completed at 10:38.
September 21, 2023Withdrawals made with few problems. Finally, after 2 hours withdrawals are complete.
A test log for my review.

September 2023

I deposited 0.002 BTC = 2000 μBTC (around 50 EUR) on 21.9.2023 at 10:29, and completed time at 10:38. I got my 100% bonus (I didn’t test the exclusive bonus) and my account showed 0.004 BTC = 4000 μBTC.

I tested the free spins (and won 162 μBTC). No luck in wagering the free spins winnings. Tested many games and slots from 21.9.2023 to 25.9.2023.

There were many errors in withdrawing, nothing worked for a few hours. After a while, the withdrawal went through, but a 430 μBTC withdrawal ($11 or 10 €) was too big for an instant withdrawal. I got a message that support will manually approve the transaction as soon as possible. Withdrawal was made on 21.9.2023 at 14:35. Support message was sent on 21.9.2023 at 14:36. Withdrawal was processed at 16:29, so it took about 2 hours.

12. Final rating

In my opinion, is a promising small crypto casino. If you are OK with minor problems in withdrawals and high withdrawal fees, is a good site worth taking a look at. Casino

After extensive testing over 3 weeks in November 2023, I would rate Casino as an average Bitcoin and crypto casino.

My rating for the casino is 3 out of 5 (Average) and for the reputation 3 out of 5 (Mixed and nonexistent).

These scores combined, my final rating for Casino is 6 out of 10 (Average).

Editor's Rating:

* Go to

13. User reviews

What do you think about Please leave your review below. Comments are moderated, and only legit messages get approved.

I would also be happy to read your thoughts about on my thread.