My Crypto.Games Casino Review

Crypto.Games casino has been one of my favorite provably fair crypto casino already from 2015. Still today, it has a great online reputation on Bitcointalk, Reddit, and Trustpilot (4.5 stars) and the site seems to be more alive and active than ever.

Based on my firsthand experience, thorough testing, and reputation check, I am happy to recommend Crypto.Games. Crypto.Games is a back-to-basics crypto casino with an old-school dice site vibe. That just ticks the right boxes for me.

I may receive a commission if you use my affiliate links (marked with *). Read more about me.

1. Review summary

Based on my testing and online reputation check, I happily recommend Crypto.Games. If you are looking for a simple, back-to-basics crypto casino with old-school dice site vibes, CG could be a good choice.

My rating: 4 Good (out of 5)
Online reputation: 5 Excellent (out of 5)
Crypto.Games final rating: 9 Excellent (out of 10)

Crypto.Games, a veteran crypto casino founded in 2015, boasts a positive online reputation that instills trust in its users. slot game
The old school of Dice game in Crypto.Games.

Crypto.Games would need a significant overhaul in graphics and auditory content. However, the casino is still introducing new casino games and developing the old ones regularly.


  • An outstanding reputation in Bitcoin and crypto forums, Reddit, and Trustpilot.
  • All 10 games are provably fair with low house edges.
  • The website ranked very fast in my tests and is decent to use.
  • Fast deposits and no problems in withdrawals (except the first one went to manual approval).


  • Only 10 games that may get boring over time.
  • Graphics and sounds would need a lot of polishing.
  • The menu structure is illogical, and some bits of information are hard to find for a new user.

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2. Who is this crypto casino for?

Just take a look at the next image of Crypto.Games slot game. If that looks cool and old school (in a good way) to you, then Crypto.Games could work for you.

On the other hand, if that slot game looks oldish and dull, then you should probably pick some other casino site that offers better-looking games from bigger casino game providers. In this case please check my review or I recommend you to take a look at * FortuneJack, * Stake, or * (affiliate links). slot game
This is Slot, one of the 10 games Crypto.Games offers. Depending on the viewer, this looks either great or horrible.

Also, if you like the idea of provably fair games (the fairness of random scripts can be verified by anyone with expertise), Crypto.Games is a strong player in that game. All of the 10 games are provably fair and made in-house.

In conclusion, Crypto.Games is an excellent crypto casino if you are looking for true provably fair, no-nonsense simple crypto gaming. It’s not fancy, but everything works fast and fluently and there is wide support for more rare cryptocurrencies.

Restricted countries

If your country is on the restricted countries list, you cannot register an account or play at Crypto.Games.

Restricted countries to Crypto.Games: Australia, Aruba, Belgium, Bonaire, Colombia, Curacao, Cyprus, Czechia, France, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Malta, North Korea, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Syria, The Netherlands, United States (USA), United States Territories, United Kingdom (UK), as well as residents of any other country where prohibited by local laws.

3. My testing procedure

I picked Crypto.Games for this review because I have had only positive experiences with the site since 2015.

It’s now 2023 and it’s time to revisit Crypto.Games. I plan to make several deposits, play various games, test the withdrawal process, and take note of the overall experience in the casino. I will also assess the usability and site speed, as well as any other factors that may affect the quality of gameplay.

Jaakko from CryptoPhysicist reviewing Crypto.Games in October 2023.
It’s me reviewing Crypto.Games in my office on October 2023.

I also did an extensive search for online reputation in 2023. I remember Crypto.Games casino has always had a fantastic reputation in cryptocurrency forums and it is interesting to see if the site has been able to keep up the same momentum up to this day.

4. Reputation

Based on my extensive web and forum search, Crypto.Games has an outstanding online reputation in places like Bitcointalk, Reddit, and Trustpilot (4.5 stars from 139 reviews in October 2023).

The Crypto.Games official user on is DogecoinMachine, and it’s still very active on the thread still in September and October 2023. Also the user s0lidus seems to be working for Crypto.Games and is very active on the thread.

Here is the Crypto.Games rating summary from Trustpilot and the user data from Bitcointalk.

Crypto.Games rating summary on Trustpilot.
Crypto.Games review summary from Trustpilot.
Crypto.Games user merit and trust score on Bitcointalk.
Crypto.Games official user Merit and Trust scores from Bitcointalk (great scores).

The results are great for a crypto casino. A promising sign is the Bitcointalk user score (DogecoinMachine Merit 1131 and Trust score +14 with 2841 messages). The Bitcointalk user scores are tough to fake, and a dishonest casino just couldn’t survive there. Props for that.

Here are some examples of Crypto.Games feedback from my search from Bitcointalk forum, Reddit and Trustpilot. I tried to select different kinds of feedback: positive, negative, and examples of different problems players might have (in withdrawals or KYC things).

There are a lot of images, so if you want to skip them, please head to the next chapter here: My first-hand experiences.

Overall, it is great to see that Crypto.Games support staff answers almost all messages in Bitcointalk and addresses the most negative 1-star reviews on Trustpilot (if not fully spam). user review examples

Crypto.Games feedback on Bitcointalk.
Crypto.Games seems to answer to problems in log-ins etc.
Crypto.Games user review on Bitcointalk.
Most negative feedback on Bitcointalk seem to be only user stupidity (IMHO). People just don’t read the Terms and Conditions and don’t realize that KYC is a standard protocol these days, even in crypto casinos. Which is a good thing, in my opinion.
Crypto.Games feedback on Bitcointalk.
I love the Crypto.Games answers. The user didn’t read the faucet bonus terms and conditions. The faucet is only meant for testing the games, and withdrawals are not allowed, as the T&Cs very clearly state.
Crypto.Games user review on Bitcointalk.
Good feedback from Bitcointalk from a merited, experienced account.
Crypto.Games user review on Bitcointalk.
Good feedback on Bitcointalk from an experienced user account; a problem was resolved.

Trustpilot user review examples

Crypto.Games feedback on Trustpilot.
Great feedback on Trustpilot that looks legit to me.
Crypto.Games user review on Trustpilot.
Great feedback on Trustpilot.
Crypto.Games user review on Trustpilot.
Great 5-star feedback on Trustpilot. Seems legit to me.
Crypto.Games user review on Trustpilot.
Great legit-looking feedback on Trustpilot.
Crypto.Games feedback on Trustpilot.
A good thing is that Crypto.Games seems to answer to all (semi)legit complaints on Trustpilot.
Crypto.Games user review on Trustpilot.
Most of the 1-star reviews on Trustpilot are just spam.
Crypto.Games feedback on Trustpilot.
A disappointed user on Trustpilot. Crypto.Games seems to answer all negative reviews on Trustpilot if they are not fully spam.

Reddit user review example

Crypto.Games user review on Reddit.
Here’s one negative Reddit feedback I found. People seem not to understand that KYC is also part of Crypto.Games these days, like most crypto casinos.

In general, the online reputation of Crypto.Games seems to be superior based on my search.

Most negative feedback is either spam or due to a misunderstanding of terms and conditions (like KYC policies). In my opinion, others are just complaints from frustrated gamers who lost money.

5. My first-hand experiences

In this chapter, I present all my findings from my few weeks of testing period in October 2023.

Some Crypto.Games background

My first encounter with Crypto.Games was back in 2015 when I reviewed it on my old site. Back then Crypto.Games had just four provably fair games and supported cryptocurrencies that are now almost obsolete, like Peercoin, Gridcoin, and GameCredits.

The old domain of Crypto.Games was, which now directs to the new domain Crypto.Games.

The old domain was founded in August 2014, around the same time when the Bitcointalk official thread was founded. So it seems that Crypto.Games was founded in 2014, even though they mention “we learned of Bitcoin back in 2011” in their about-section.

Nevertheless, this makes Crypto.Games is almost 10 years old, being one of the oldest Bitcoin and crypto casinos that are still alive and working well.

Crypto.Games menu from year 2015.
I found an old image of Crypto.Games (back then menu from year 2014 or 2015. The cryptocurrency selection has transformed a lot since then and there are few more games (now 10).

It’s a positive sign that Crypto.Games is still operational and actively developing its games, albeit at a slower pace. There are absolutely no indications of an exit scam, as it wouldn’t make sense to shut down a profitable crypto casino that has been in business for over 9 years with a superb reputation.

How Crypto.Games looks like in 2023?

Anyhow, a lot of time has passed, but Crypto.Games still look pretty the same. Which is a good thing, in my opinion. I also like the attitude that Crypto.Games creates all the games themselves, and all games are provably fair. casino lobby
The home page has gotten some TLC since 2014, but the game graphics and menu structure are almost identical to 2015 when I first played in Crypto.Games.

To be honest, graphically all the games on Crypto.Games are somewhat lacking. There are some audio effects, but no background music (like in many games from bigger game providers). As a fan of old PC games, I don’t mind this at all.

In the world of constant audiovisual stimuli from social media, street lights, and advertisements, I find Crypto.Games to be a somewhat calming experience.

Video poker game on Crypto.Games.
Video poker game on Crypto.Games.

Security, registering an account, and KYC

To access deposits and withdrawals, you must verify your account via email. Text message (SMS) verification gives you two extra faucet bonus levels.

If you want to send personal documents for verification, you can remove the speed limit on the Dice game. However, the terms and conditions mention that Crypto.Games may ask for KYC identification documents if requested by them. So be prepared that you may be asked for documents at any time.

Google 2-factor authentication (2FA) is possible and is highly recommended in addition to a complicated and long password.

Crypto.Games settings screen.
Crypto.Games menus are basic but do their job.

The emergency address is a great feature. In case of any emergency, all your funds will be withdrawn to your emergency addresses. Crypto.Games doesn’t specify what kind of scenarios these would be, but it’s a good idea anyway.

You can hide your nick in high rolls, last bets, and in top players if you like. You can also hide your profit in your bets.


The usability of Crypto.Games website can be described as decent with few flaws. Changing menus, games, and cryptocurrencies work fast, which is great.

A thing I would fix is a somewhat unintuitive menu structure. You can’t access the menu from the home screen. Instead, you have to click “play now” and choose a cryptocurrency. Then you can access all the menu functions.

The menu itself is divided somewhat unintuitively to different groups, and sometimes it’s hard to find what you were looking for. I would combine the menus together somehow to make it more fluent.

Changing the game and cryptocurrency is logical, however.

Game testing

This time, it was easy to test all the 10 games: Dice, Dice V2, Roulette, Blackjack, Minesweeper, Keno, Video Poker, Plinko, Slot and Lottery.

All games are provably fair and are in-house made. In general, all the games function well and are straightforward to understand how they function.

Here are some examples of what the games look like.

Crypto.Games roulette game.
Very basic but easy-to-use Roulette game.

This time my favorites were Roulette, Slot, and Minesweeper, which reminded me of the old Windows classic, but now in a gambler format.

Minesweeper game on Crypto.Games.
Minesweeper in a casino game version. So frustrating, but kind of fun.

Crypto.Games could need more slot games, maybe in a jackpot or bonus round variants. Or maybe some different theme. But here’s the only Slot game I rolled a lot in my tests. slot game
The only Slot game on Crypto.Games.

Here are a few more takes on the Crypto.Games game selection. Video poker offers three different poker rule sets: Jacks or better, Tens or better, or Bonus poker.

Crypto.Games video poker game.
Video poker game on Crypto.Games.

Plinko is a game where you drop a ball from the top. If the ball wanders to the right slots, you either win or lose. There are four different rule sets with different payout at the bottom. The Red Ball rule set gives you the highest RTP % of 98.16 % in Plinko.

However, the most significant wins can be achieved from the Yellow Ball Plinko, up to 1100x from the left and right border slots.

Crypto.Games plinko game.
Plinko. Just press a button and watch.

Game house edges / Return to player (RTP) percentages

Below is a comprehensive list of house edges for Crypto.Games. Typically, a 1% house edge on most games is considered quite low, while the higher range of around 2 – 2.7% is still reasonably low and acceptable, in my opinion.

On traditional online casinos that offer games developed by large providers, the return to player (RTP) percentages generally range from 94% to 96%. This means that the house edge is between 4% and 6%, which is quite high. As a result, Crypto.Games’ house edges can start to feel more reasonable.

I converted the house edges to return to player percentages with an easy formula: RTP = 100% – House Edge for easier comparison to other Bitcoin and crypto casinos.

GameHouse edge %Return to player (RTP) %
Dice and Dice v21 %99 % = Great
Slot1.97 %98.03 % = Great
Blackjack1.253 %98.747 % = Great
LotteryNo house edge100 % = Great
Roulette 2.7 %97.3 % = Good
Minesweeper1 %99 % = Great
Keno1 %99 % = Great
Video Poker – Jacks or Better2.11 %97.89 % = Good
Video Poker – Tens or Better2.08 %97.92 % = Good
Video Poker – Bonus poker2.09 %97.91 % = Good
Plinko – Green ball1.63 %98.37 % = Great
Plinko – Red ball1.84 %98.16 % = Great
Plinko – Blue ball1.52 %98.48 % = Great
Plinko – Yellow1.56 %98.44 % = Great
Complete house edge list with Return to Player (RTP) percentages on all Crypto.Games games.

Deposits and withdrawals test

I made a few Bitcoin deposits on my first test period on October 2023. The first one went through and was confirmed in four minutes (fast) and the second one on a different day.

Crypto.Games Bitcoin deposit screen.
The Bitcoin deposit screen looks like this on Crypto.Games.

I also made one withdrawal in October 2023. Since I lost my old Crypto.Games account to my previous review site, I had to make a new one. My withdrawal got stuck to manual confirmation because it was the first withdrawal.

I sent a message via chat and email (I tested which will get answered first). I got an answer in an hour, and the withdrawal was processed successfully.

In conclusion, I had no problems with deposits and withdrawals in my tests.

Deposit and withdrawal limits

Here are the minimum deposit and minimum withdrawal limits on Crypto.Games.

There was conflicting information about withdrawal minimums on Crypto.Games website and Bitcointalk thread. Crypto.Games should clarify the situation.

However, these amounts should be correct. The first withdrawal amounts are bigger and the further withdrawal amounts fall down a little bit.

CryptoDeposit minimumFirst withdrawal minimumWithdrawal minimum
Bitcoin0.0001 BTC0.001 BTC0.0005 BTC
Ethereum0.01 ETH0.001 BTC altcoin equivalent0.0005 BTC altcoin equivalent
Litecoin0.01 LTC0.001 BTC altcoin eqv.0.0005 BTC altcoin eqv.
Dogecoin100 DOGE0.001 BTC altcoin eqv.0.0005 BTC altcoin eqv.
Dash0.01 DASH0.001 BTC altcoin eqv.0.0005 BTC altcoin eqv.
Bitcoin Cash0.001 BCH0.001 BTC altcoin eqv.0.0005 BTC altcoin eqv.
Neo Gas0.02 GAS0.001 BTC altcoin eqv.0.0005 BTC altcoin eqv.
Ethereum Classic0.02 ETC0.001 BTC altcoin eqv.0.0005 BTC altcoin eqv.
Solana0.001 SOL0.001 BTC altcoin eqv.0.0005 BTC altcoin eqv.
Binance Coin0.01 BNB0.001 BTC altcoin eqv.0.0005 BTC altcoin eqv.
Monero0.01 XMR0.001 BTC altcoin eqv.0.0005 BTC altcoin eqv.
Minimum deposits and minimum withdrawal limits on Crypto.Games.

Customer support

Since 2015, I have always gotten an answer from Crypto.Games support email in all my questions regarding bonuses, withdrawals, etc.

I made a new withdrawal in October 2023. The withdrawal got stuck and needed a support confirmation. I sent a chat message and an email and my email was answered in about an hour. The withdrawal was then processed successfully.

In conclusion, the Crypto.Games support worked really well in my tests. There were no problems at all.

Site speed

During my speed tests, I found that the Crypto.Games website functioned flawlessly and was exceptionally speedy. Pages, games, and menus loaded almost instantly, which was confirmed by my test runs.

Most of the website speed test results are either fast or average. Especially the fast TTFB times relate to the very responsible nature of menus. Things just happen lightning-fast. Well done Crypto.Games!

Link to my test site speed results
Google Pagespeed InsightsDesktop performance: 90/100 = fast
Mobile performance: 60/100 = average
GTmetrix speed testGrade A – Performance 100% = super fast Web Vitals Batch Test (desktop and mobile)Desktop: Grade B – 87 % = fast
Mobile: Grade C – 58 % = average TTFB test (time to first byte)Grade A – Score 96 % – Average TTFB 118 ms = super fast speed testing. Guide: red means slow (0 – 40%), yellow means average speed (41-75%), and green means fast (76-100%). The test was done on October 11, 2023.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions can be accessed best from the main screen footer. I added some points here, that you may be interested in.

The restricted countries are: Australia, Aruba, Belgium, Bonaire, Colombia, Curacao, Cyprus, Czechia, France, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Malta, North Korea, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Syria, The Netherlands, United States, United States Territories, United Kingdom, as well as residents of any other country where prohibited by local laws.

The terms and conditions also mention that Crypto.Games may ask for KYC identification documents if requested by them.

If your account is inactive for 180 days, Crypto.Games may shut down the player’s account and retain any associated funds. So make sure you don’t forget any funds to Crypto.Games or use the casino as a bank.


If you feel you have a gambling problem or just need a break from gaming, you can do a self-exclusion from the account menu.

Self-exclusion cannot be done permanently, but it can be done for up to 5 years of time. This is quite okay in my opinion, but I would wish for a possibility to do a permanent self-exclusion for life.

6. Things I liked

There is a lot to like on Crypto.Games. For me, the best thing is the excellent online reputation. If the reputation is not in order, that’s a big turn-off for me. There’s no point even trying to win something if the withdrawals wouldn’t work for example.

The site speed is awesome, which minimizes the waiting time and frustration.

The game and crypto selection is decent and all games are provably fair. Also, the house edges are excellent, which can improve the possibility of winning. (However a no-brainer reminder here: The casino always wins in the long term.)

I like the fact that Crypto.Games is still developing the site and the games in 2023. However, the pace could be faster and I would like to see if the casino could produce for example slot games that look like the fancier ones made by bigger game providers.

7. Flaws

Crypto.Games does not have big flaws in my opinion, but here are some thoughts.

The game graphics and audio are somewhat lacking and they would really need polishing to attract a bigger audience.

Overall, the platform has a great online reputation with only a few negative reviews (1 star). Most negative reviews were spam, misunderstandings, or from frustrated gamblers who lost money.

Given that there is a lot of negative feedback regarding misunderstood terms, it would be helpful if Crypto.Games could take some action to address this issue.

One possible solution is to provide users with explanations of important terms from the T&C’s during the registration and deposit process. This could include information on KYC, deposit and withdrawal limits, and other key details.

This would make the user experience a lot better and reduce some of the frustration online.

Also, the menu structure could need a rework to be more intuitive. Furthermore, some information bits like withdrawal limits were hard to find.

All things considered, there’s no reason not to try Crypto.Games. It’s a fantastic, speedy, and straightforward cryptocurrency casino that just does the job. To this day, Crypto.Games remains my favorite crypto casino in 2023.

8. Quick facts

Here are some facts and social media links about Crypto.Games.

Crypto.Games quick facts
Casino founded:August 2014 (with the old domain
Operated by:MuchGaming B.V. in Curacao
eGaming license:Curacao
Can be accessed with a VPN?Between 1 % – 2.7 %. See the full house edge list here. No house edge on Lottery. main thread, The signature campaign thread.
X (Twitter):Crypto.Games Discord server. Quite active in 2023, with around 500 members.
Discord:Crypto.Games Reddit community was founded in 2015. Updated regularly in 2023.
Reddit:10 games (Dice, DiceV2, Blackjack, Slot, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko, Minesweeper, Keno, and Lottery)
Pinterest:Crypto.Games Pinterest user. Not active.
Crypto.Games forum:Crypto.Games discussion forum. Quite active in 2023.
Trustpilot:Crypto.Games in TrustPilot. Rating 4.5 stars with 139 reviews in October 2023.
Game count:10 games (Dice, DiceV2, Blackjack, Slot, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko, Minesweeper, Keno and Lottery)
Provably fair:Yes, all games are provably fair.
House edge:Between 1 % – 2.7 %. See full house edge list here. No house edge on Lottery.
The most important facts about Crypto.Games.

9. Crypto.Games bonuses

Here is the current exclusive first deposit bonus to Crypto.Games that CG happily granted to all you CryptoPhysicist readers. bonus

Crypto.Games logo

Exclusive first deposit bonus:
$10 voucher in BTC 

The minimum deposit is $10 and you have to pass tier 3 KYC. The wagering requirement to withdraw is $200 in BTC. Register through the link below and send an email to for the bonus voucher. Read the full Crypto.Games bonus info.

* Go to Crypto.Games

You will get a $10 voucher in BTC if you pass tier 3 KYC verification and deposit at least 10$ in any cryptocurrency.

  • You can deposit in any cryptocurrency, but the bonus voucher will only come in $10 worth of BTC.
  • The bonus is for players who register under my affiliate link below or anywhere on my site.
  • The minimum wager requirement is $200 equivalent in cryptos before you can make a withdrawal.
  • Email must be sent for the voucher code to: casino and slot game
Here is the one and only slot game in *

If you want to compare other bonuses, read my special Bitcoin casino bonus article here.

10. The competition

Similar provably fair crypto casinos to Crypto.Games would be for example DuckDice or PrimeDice (I am going to take a look of them soon).

Also * Stake is a good competitor to Crypto.Games with its Stake Originals provably fair game selection.

Here you can find more Bitcoin casino reviews.

11. My test log and review updates

Here is an overview of my review log and all updates on this page.

DatePage update
November 7, 2023Language error checking and some rephrasing.
October 16-17, 2023More testing and writing the review and results. Withdrawal test on October 17, 2023 time 14:54 (I chose the second lowest fee of around 0.00007 BTC
≈ 1.88 EUR)
October 12, 2023A second Bitcoin deposit was made on October 12, 2023 time 14:39. Deposit was credited 14:44 in five minutes.
October 11, 2023A Bitcoin deposit was made on October 11, 2023 time 14:16. Deposit was credited 14:20 in four minutes.
October 10, 2023Started reviewing and testing Crypto.Games.

12. Final rating

After testing Crypto.Games, I found it to be an excellent cryptocurrency casino that prioritizes simplicity and speed. Here’s my final rating.

Crypto.Games Casino

Based on my thorough testing, and reputation check in November 2023, I am happy to recommend Crypto.Games.

My rating for Crypto.Games is 4 out of 5 (Good) and for the online reputation 5 out of 5 (Excellent).

These scores combined, my final rating for Crypto.Games casino is 9 out of 10 (Excellent).

Editor's Rating:

* Go to Crypto.Games

13. User reviews

What do you think about Crypto.Games? Please leave your review below. Comments are moderated and only legit messages get approved.

I would be also happy to read your thoughts about Crypto.Games on my thread.